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Hi fellow music lovers.
My background has always been in some way linked to music from the age of 16 ( a few years back now!) when I purchased my first Yamaha classical guitar and would sit painstakingly with a chord chart hoping magically my fingers would match the dots on the diagram. As time goes by so slowly it was such a thrill to be able to play that first 3 chord song and build on my own repertoire inspired by so many great artists – anything from James Taylor and Joni Mitchell to The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.


My career has been within the education system having taught primary school and music and now perform at a number of festivals and music events throughout the land (sometimes even getting paid!) along with taking on the role of MC when required.
Music will always be my source of inspiration and like Dr Who's tardis take me places in both space and time. Being a presenter at Wild Horse FM has given me another great opportunity to provide music of all genres to the community and also to continue my own personal musical journey. Where words fail music speaks and hopefully listeners enjoy as well.